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pallet stretch film is used primarily for securing loads stacked on pallets for ease of transportation, protection from rain, dust and reduces damage to the goods as loads are more stable and will not shift in transportation. This improves the safety in packing and unloading containers and in general it allows a much more efficient process in the loading and unloading of goods.

The product can be supplied either as a transparent film or in various colors, is the stretch wrap that stretches further, clings tighter and is tough to puncture. It is supplied in 3 versions, machine grade for automatic applications, hand grade and bundling tape.

Machine Roll:

Is tough, perfect for wrapping pallets with high cling to ensure superior load retention. Its puncture resistance and extra stretch also means you can apply it faster. This products superior stretch superior stretch capability allows you to achieve an increase in the number of pallets you can wrap, thus saving you money.

Hand Roll:

When you need to wrap something on the spot or you do not require an automated process then hand grade is the answer. Two special plastic dispensers are supplied free with every carton purchased, which allows easy application of the stretch film to the item to be wrapped.

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